Bank Robber

Two men, one dressed as Rick James and the other as Youngblood Priest from the cult hit Super Fly, robbed a bank in Indiana.

Andrew Frank Laviguer, 57, was arrested Monday afternoon for allegedly robbing of a Wells Fargo in Portland, Ore. Police say he attempted to get into his getaway car, but quickly realized┬áhe left his car keys inside the bank. Laviguer allegedly than ran away, scattering cash and forcing the evacuation of a building, reported. “He […]

´╗┐ learned that Jesse Hippolite was arrested after he put photos of himself holding his swag on Facebook – posted “Crime pays my bills!” then changed his profile name to a famous criminal. Jesse Hippolite, 23, is accused of robbing three banks and linked to sixteen more raids and was only caught after he […]