Listen people….the curse of the 6God is REAL. If I was an athlete I would see Drake and go the other way lolol. Via | Complex Paris Saint-Germain, a French soccer club, is the latest victim to be hit by the “Drake curse.” For those who need a reminder, the curse occurs when an athlete or team […]

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia, who is also the Republican nominee for governor, wants to ban oral and anal sex for everyone over something called the “Anti-Child Predators Law.” He claims he doesn’t want to prosecute consensual sex acts between consenting adults. Source More reports on this story say… Like his peers, Cuccinelli knows […]

A T-shirt with an image of a Confederate flag has been banned from being sold at a high school in Lake County. The shirts say “You wish you were a BEBEL” THE WORD Rebel IS outline with a confederate flag image… This message could also mean “YOU WISH YOU WERE WHITE!”