The day has finally come that Barack Obama is relieved of his duties as President of the United States. Tonight, the Head of State will address the nation for the last time with an emotional speech in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. In a message sent to the White House email list last week, Obama […]

During a recent broadcast of his morning radio show, Steve Harvey put on his boxing gloves and took a punch at professor Cornel West and his sidekick Tavis Smiley for their criticism of President Obama. As of late, West and Smiley have criticized President Obama for not helping poor people and catering to the wealthy. […]

Actor & Comedian Bill Cosby is pissed at ya boy Donald Trump. Cosby told Donald Trump to “run or shut up.” Cosby was on The Today Show to talk about his efforts to support education. Before Cosby’s segment, the news show ran Meredith Vieira’s exclusive interview with Trump on a potential run for President in […]