drake album leak

Check out these excerpts from Newsweek’s latest interview from Drake. Juvenile Star “When I was about 10, my dad would go play a gig at a club and bring me up onstage with him and sing ‘Ride Sally Ride’ as part of his act in Toronto.” Presidential Fan “Bill Clinton’s people called and asked me to […]

With Drake’s sophomore album “Take Care” hitting stores on November 15th, Drizzy reflected on his debut “Thank Me Later” with some apprehension. In an interview with L.A. Times, Drake said he “wasn’t necessarily happy” with the project but didn’t feel like he had reached his potential. Drake goes on to say: “To be 100% honest… […]

Drake has been all over the Internet today thanks to Take Care springing a leak overnight, but he has a few choice words for you Tweeters and Tumblrs out there.