With his trial set for this summer, accused murderer George Zimmerman has apparently turned to food to find peace. In his most recent court apperance, Zimmerman seems to have packed on about 100 pounds since we last saw him! Here’s what a spokesman for Zimmerman’s attorney had to say: “I think it’s an incredibly stressful […]

Russell Simmons, Jasiri X and a variety of other rappers are supporting a new initiative aimed at encouraging young people to vote this Tuesday. Simmons and company have endorsed the “Hoodie Vote,” which is encouraging young people to wear their hoodies to the polling booths, in honor of slain teenager Trayvon Martin. Over 50 college […]

Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush was kicked off the floor of the House of Representatives this morning (Wednesday) for wearing a hoodie in protest of the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida! Rush removed his suit jacket to reveal he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, then put the hood over his head, donned sunglasses and said “racial […]