Super storm Sandy was one mean mutha. The effects are even being felt in another bourough to the point where it’s causing the cancellation of Thursday’s NBA season opening game between the NY Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets.


CLEVELAND – Due to high winds and wicked weather from superstorm Sandy, Verizon is offering charging stations for northeast Ohioans without power. And it doesn’t appear you have to be a Verizon customer to take advantage of the space to get your cellphone and tablet all charged up. Not only will the Verizon locations listed […]

Hurricane Sandy ripped through the East Coast last night causing serious damage. The storm dubbed as Frankenstorm, didn’t discriminate who it affected as many of hip-Pop’s biggest names felt the wrath of the storm. STORY: Hurricane Sandy Superstorm Shuts Down East Coast! Snooki lost power and spent the evening in the house with her fiance […]