It safe to say ignorant people will be ignorant. . .and clearly that is the case here! It was bad enough people were trying to sell tickets to his FREE memorial service. Are we surprised that people were also trying to sell the booklet fans and family were provided at his funeral? I mean. . […]

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So now Chris Brown’s a Breeder? Ay…make that money any way you can! So who’s going to be the 1st to say they own one of Chris Brown’s Puppies? – RoDigga Chris Brown Starts New Business As A Dog Reseller Chris Brown has decided to take his talents to the kennel and get his money […]


Ok…well maybe not “Big Worm” but you get the point! lol Ay after the post, take a look at the gallery I made from the Movie “Friday”! If you’ve watched it as much as me…you could recite everything goin on in each pic! – RoDigga This mess reminds me of Ice Cube’s Friday and drug […]