You know we always have to check in on our favorite anti hero……. FLORIDA MAN ARRESTED FOR “I EAT ASS” STICKER (He just wanted it to be clear for all of us ) FLORIDA MAN TRIES TO PAWN BABY FOR SNAPCHAT LAUGHS   (Not Funny Florida Man, Not even a little bit) FLORIDA MAN RETURNS CHUNK […]

Teria: Hi Damon, I’d like to know why damaged people still seek relationships when they know they shouldn’t, resulting in hurting a string of others? D. Y. : Same reason why people eat chicken fried bacon burgers even though they know it’s bad for you. The immediate positives have a way of making us forget […]

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ARIES – March 21 – April 20 Trying to too much this week will cause way too much physical exhaustion. Balance your load so that things won’t be as overwhelming. Your own intuition is strong right now, listen and allow it to direct you to make strides in what you really want. This is a […]