Marlon Wayans: ‘A Haunted House’ Is Better Than Those Other Bulls**t Parodies! [EXCLUSIVE]

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Known for working with his famous comedic family, Marlon Wayans is striking out on his own. Along with writing partner Rick Alvarez, Marlon wrote and produced his new film “A Haunted House,” which is in theaters January 11th. According to the youngest Wayans brother, the comedy is basically “Paranormal Activity” with a black couple.

When Marlon spoke to The Urban Daily, he emphasized that though the film does reference popular horror flicks of the past, it’s not exactly a parody. “‘A Haunted House’ is more dealing with ghosts. We have some really funny scenes. We pulled stuff from ‘The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose’ and ‘The Devil Inside,’ but we created funny characters,” Wayans explained to us.

Despite the main characters being Black, Marlon believes “A Haunted House” will appeal to all audiences. He joked, “It will be interesting for white people to come see this movie because in this movie, we do the opposite of what they do. They’re gonna get a big kick out of it. I watched it play with a big audience that was multicultural and everybody gets it. It’s really funny!”

Make sure you go check out Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, and Cedric the Entertainer deal with “A Haunted House” when it hits theaters January 11th.

If you can’t get enough of Marlon Wayans, head over to HelloBeautiful to see why he was talking about having moles on his member and happy endings!

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