WENZ Radio One Cleveland personality RoDigga

About Ro Digga

Ro, a Rochester NY native, has been taking over Cleveland radio for almost 2 decades! She went from weekends, to transforming the sound and energy in Middays, and now hosting one of the biggest afternoon shows in NE Ohio — The Day Party weekdays 3 to 7pm! An award winning personality also operating as APD (Assistant Program Director) and Music Director for WENZ-FM!

Ro is God fearing! A Mom! Wife! Animal lover! Foodie! Curly girl! Sports head! Music lover! Top tier shower singer! Motivational speaker! Competitive! Rambunctious in spirit and extremely passionate! She loves giving back to the community and being a positive role model for the youth! Her exuberant personality even took over the local news -- hosting the Media Takeover for WKYC Channel 3 and appearing on Cribs in the 216! One day aspiring to have a syndicated radio show and dive more into TV — Ro is excited to see where her talents take her next!
When Ro isn’t entertaining the land during Day Party hours with her contagious laugh and DJ Ryan Wolf — she is heavy on the mommy duties and all things family oriented! She loves working out and living a healthy lifestyle! She is a mentor, influencer and part owner of a Natural Haircare Line! Ro enjoys organically sharing her silly spontaneous personality with her followers and listeners daily!

Ro on Social Media: @rodigga on IG, Twitter, and Tik Tok and FB (Rochelle Brand)

Ro has been the voice and endorser behind some of the biggest brands:
Jeep | Nissan | Remy Martin | AT&T | FX Networks | BET | Cuyahoga County Board of Health | US Bank | Proctor & Gamble | T-Mobile | Honey Baked Ham | Ohio Media School | PNC Fairfax Connection | Ideal Image | Spectrum | Metro PCS | Mr. Chicken | Nabisco | Jackpot.com | Arby’s | Hooked on Phonics | Columbia clothing | Milagro Tequila | Pandora Music | Taco Bell | Breakthrough Schools | Cedar Point | Vacation | Jack Daniels | and many more!
NOTE: Recently recognized in the 15th Edition of Who’s Who in Black Cleveland 2023

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