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1) Lets start with the hair….ladies in this age of weaves please if you feel the need to sew it cause you can’t grow it Invest in some quality hair! Ballers don’t want that shiny shit in Kool aid colors…..If you can’t afford some good hair work with what God gave you! (a Baller will pass that tacky shit right on by!)

2) While we are on hair ladies if you have a perm stay on those roots. If you happen to be lucky enough to be the jumppoff for the night no dude wants to running his fingers through your treacherous new growth.

3) Fragrance is always important ladies…remember these men are not just visually stimulated they want you to be smelling as good as you look. Invest in some quality perfume ladies time to step up from that drugstore designer imposter Jean Nate shit and the bootleg stuff them fools sell on the street. Try a classic like Chanel 5, Creed, Angel….

4) Let’s talk about hair removal ladies….OK armpits, legs and bikini area should remain hair free!!!!! This is of the utmost importance There is nothing fly and sexy about furry armpits! Porcupine legs suck too! No man wants to see your bush hanging out the sides and back of your thong that is straight nasty! Get you bush waxed ladies especially if razors leave your nether regions bumped up !!!!

5) While we are on the topic of our nether regions make sure ladies the coocie is FRESH. If you have feminine odor issues my first advice would be to go to the doctor and make sure everything is right! Once you check out everything and you still have odor issues get with the Summer’s Eve. Wipes are a must to keep in the handbag ladies you never know when you may luck up and leave the spot with a “Baller”.

6) Ok Ladies Make-Up! Lets graduate from the Wet N Wild and get some real make up. While we are at it let’s learn proper application. Learn to beat you face girls… Ballers don’t want a woman who may possibly scare the shit out of them once they awaken from the alchohol & sex induced coma!

7) The Gear….Now Ladies the first thing is know your size and make sure you are wearing it no matter how big or small. No baller wants a chick that is tugging at her too small ill fitting clothes. Muffins only look good on the breakfast table.

8) Girls learn to walk in heels! If you can’t stay your ass at home!!!! That means if your shoes hurt suck up the pain and smile! It isn’t cute when you try and walk on the outside of your feet to relieve some of the pain feet just a wobblin! Ew!