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In addition to studying and working hard in school, being organized is just as important in order to be successful. Not only is it a good trait to learn now, it will be a valuable asset in adulthood as well, when entering the workforce. With hectic schedules, changing classes and needing different materials for each class, learning how to organize your schoolwork can make life so much easier for students.

Clean up the clutter!

First, clean out book bags, lockers, and desk. Get rid of old papers, worn down pencils and old assignments. Refurbish everything to include sharpened pencils, pens, erasers, new notebooks and notebook paper and folders. During the course of the school year, everything starts to show wear and tear, and often a lot of the material is outdated. Getting rid of old stuff will help tremendously in getting schoolwork organized.


-Use a binder for each class. If you have four classes, get four binders.

-In each binder, put the same basic supplies in each. Start with a clear pencil case or plastic zip lock bag. Put items like pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, markers and colored pencils in each one. For math, you could also place a compass and protractor if needed, as well as a pair of scissors and a pencil sharpener.

-Next, buy items that have holes that will fit the binder, such as notebook paper, folders with pockets, spiral notebooks, and report covers, add these items to each binder for each class. You can also find rulers, calculators, even hole punches that have holes in the side that can be added to a binder.

When having a binder for each class, you will always be prepared, always have a pencil and paper available, and always have a place to take notes and jot down important information. Papers pertaining to each class can be kept in pocket folders for future reference instead of loose in a book bag. All you will have to do is switch out each binder between classes, grabbing the one for the next subject. Be sure to replace items once a month, or as often as needed.

This also makes it easier to take home when doing homework, as you will have everything you need at your fingertips, pencils, study notes and other necessities.

Pocket log, journal or clipboard case

It is easy for a person to keep a small slim notebook in his or her shirt or pants pocket, or for girls to keep a diary or journal in their purse. Another alternative is to add one to the front of the binder made for each class, or tuck a small one inside a folder pocket. This is very helpful for jotting down everything, such as school assignments, homework, projects, important dates, even social events and phone numbers. Once in the habit of doing this, it will be an easy way to keep up with everything, and add to the organization of keeping up with schoolwork. Using one clipboard that has a storage compartment will also be helpful to keep important papers, study notes or other materials.

Computer online login

Some schools have online capabilities where students can log on each day and access grades, homework assignments, test and upcoming projects and events from home. This is very helpful in keeping up with school curriculums. Be sure to jot these down in a journal or assignment binder. Some schools even have homework help websites.

It is easy to organize schoolwork once a person gets into the habit of keeping a place for everything. Consequently, it may also help to improve your overall performance in school, as many teachers and professors appreciate organization in class, and having all the necessary materials to refer to for studying for test, exams or everyday assignments will help a student to excel.