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In case “Single White Female” didn’t convince you, here’s more proof that stilettos can, in fact, be dangerous — and to more than your own health.

British woman Staci Hargreaves was riding in a cab with her boyfriend Gavin Thomas, who was in the front seat. They were both pretty smashed apparently, and arguing. Gavin turned around to face Staci, who kicked at him with her 3-inch stiletto clad foot. The heel of her shoe went through his eye, fracturing the socket, and into his brain. GAAAAAAHHHH!

As one does in these situations, Gavin began coughing up blood and lost consciousness. He was sent to the hospital where, after a month, he made a full recovery.

The judge presiding over the trial against Staci informed the jury not to find her guilty, since there was no proof she wasn’t acting in self-defense — Gavin would not offer evidence to support his case, and everybody from the incident was so drunk they couldn’t offer a very clear account of what had happened. In fact, a female friend who had been hanging out with them was arrested on the same night for arguing with a different cab driver. (Sounds like an all-around swell group of people.)

So, there you have it — another story from the annals of drinking to support our argument to wear ballet flats all the time, everywhere. (If you’re a girl, that is.)