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The mother of the alleged child victim in Marcus “Pleasure P” Cooper’s publicized molestation accusations has come forward to confirm that recent reports against the singer’s image may be true.

“My son was going to live with my father [Joseph Smith], my father was going to take care of him while I was away in prison,” she explained in an interview. “Everybody knows that when you’re letting your child live with a family member, the Department of Children & Families has to go to the house and do a home study and run everybody’s names that’s living in the house. So they ran everybody’s name in the house and they sent me this paper back and removed my son. The next day, they came and removed my son from my father’s house and we didn’t know why and when they told us why, and I have the papers right here, to give you an exact reason why they removed my son from the house and this is on the fourth page of the five page Shelter Placement paper that I have under special conditions, number nine, it says, ‘No unsupervised contact between the child and Marcus Cooper and Marcus Cooper shall not reside at home with the child that’s placed with [guradian] Joseph Smith.’ We were all like, ‘Oh my gosh, what’s going on? Why can’t Marcus be at home with my son at our house where we live?’ What I was told was he had a charge dealing with children, a molestation charge. That’s what I was told. I haven’t seen any documents, from what I was told, the documents are sealed.”

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