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Here is segment of Playboy’s interview with Diddy.

PLAYBOY: Did you ever sell drugs?

COMBS: I sold drugs for 48 hours.

PLAYBOY: How did that happen?

COMBS: Some of my friends were selling drugs in the Maryland and D.C. area. I remember them having all this jewelry and new BMWs. I was eating ramen noodles, stealing from the 7-Eleven to get some food. I thought, I need to get some money like y’all have. So I go out on the block, the strip where they’re selling drugs, and my man says, “Okay, I’m going to give you this. You wait there. They’ll come up to you.” I’m out there five minutes when three cop cars pull up and officers jump out and start chasing me. I ran and got away.

PLAYBOY: That sounds like an episode of The Wire.

COMBS: Yeah, it was The Wire. We reconvene in the same place two hours later. This time it’s dark, and all of a sudden a van pulls up. Cops jump out and start chasing me again. There’s a helicopter overhead with a light following me through the woods. Me and my friends meet up at these little triplex projects, and nobody got caught.

PLAYBOY: Based on the time period, we’re assuming you were trying to sell crack.

COMBS: Yeah, it was crack.

PLAYBOY: Why didn’t you call it quits at that point?

COMBS: I wanted to go home, but I didn’t know how to punk out and tell them. The cops were outside, and we heard them coming up the stairs. They were responding to a couple having an argument below us, and I’m panicking and about to jump out the window. I turned into a scared white Harvard student. God was sending me signals. I told my friends, “Thanks, y’all, but no thanks. This game is not for me.” I walked out that door, and I ain’t been around nobody with no drugs. I don’t want to see no drugs.

PLAYBOY: Relatively speaking, that’s a tame ­rapper-sells-drugs experience.

COMBS: I have the corniest drug dealer story of all time. I’m probably the shortest—duration drug dealer in history. That’s why you never heard me talk about it in my rhymes.

PLAYBOY: Did you ever tell Biggie that story when he was dealing drugs?

COMBS: I told him. I said, “I lost my father to this game, and you’re too talented to have to go in that direction. We could make the kids in the hood say they want to be the next Puffy, the next Biggie, instead of them wanting to be the next drug dealer.”

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