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From the plethora of music videos to other media images featuring women with hefty rears, we’ve safely concluded one thing about black men: They love, and are in some ways obsessed, with big butts.

While this statement may hold some truth, black men’s obsession with big butts may not be as much of an obsession as some think. Sure, most men may like a woman with a round derriere; but the more mature and conscious a man becomes, the more he realizes that a woman needs to have more than a ‘big butt and a smile’ to keep him satisfied.

So are men really as obsessed with big butts as we think?

A Big Butt & A Smile Is Only Temporary

A big butt and a smile can keep your attention for a temporary amount of time. Along with a butt, a woman has to have brains, common sense and ambition. You will always see big butts and smiles in this world, sh*t a girl can buy one if she wants. Now when she starts talking that determines if I could have more with her in terms of a relationship.

-Aubrey Pearson, 25

A Big Butt Alone Can’t Keep A Real Man

Well let me first state, there is no way that a big butt and a pretty face alone will ever be enough to keep a real man. Real men need companionship from a woman that embodies substance, has morals and sets goals to be accomplished. Now if a woman has all that going for herself and a nice shape and pretty face, then she’s definitely a keeper. But when dealing with women that fall within the stereotype of just a ‘big butt and smile’ there will never be real men. Nice physical features are typically what catches the man’s eye, but to keep his full attention over time the lady will have to embody substance; and substance in the sense of personality, intellect, sense of humor, etc. That’s what keeps a real man!

-DeAndre Bufford, 25