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I’m sure by now we’ve all witnessed the buffoonery that is the MC Hammer – Better Run Run video. There are so many moments in the video where you just HAVE to pause to take in what you saw.

– Dancers jigging around campfires?

– Satan Chasing fools in the woods?

– Jay-z and Satan jamming to beats in the studio?

– Hammer Baptizing Jay-z in filthy swamp waters?

I’m so appalled that Hammer spent those cash4gold checks on this video.

Jay-z sold his soul to the devil and the devil gave him Beyoncé? Hammer… REALLY!?? Yes this is the SAME man who wore that banana hammock in the Pumps in a Bump video! It’s a sad day when rappers come out of retirement using rumors as ammunition in diss tracks. His lyrical content/delivery is just as tragic as those white high collard suits that he and the boomkacker’s for Christ were wearing. It isn’t 1986 anymore Stanley Kirk Burrell, lines like “If I knock on your door boy I bust you in the mouth” aren’t effective.

Instead of getting cute on twitter with the #hellboy hashtag he should’ve been digging through the archives to get some pointers on how to make a respectable diss songs.

Off the top of my head I have a few tips:

– No frolicking in the woods

How can anyone believe you when you’re pop-locking and skipping all over the damn place!?

– Actually insult the person you’re “beefing” with

Besides the devil worshiping thing what did Hammer really say? …exactly!

– When in doubt remember epic rap beefs of the past (50 vs. Ja Rule and Rick Ross, Nas vs. Jay-z, Tupac vs. Biggie)

Hammer claims that he wants to expose Jay-z but one can’t help but wonder if he’s just looking for attention.

We all saw him at the Hip Hop awards looking like he was trapped in a time warp. Maybe he just wants us to believe he’s relevant and cashing checks. This does raise a question, are we tired of hearing that Jay is in the Illuminati? Any artist associated with Jay and Kanye are being labeled as card carrying members and personally I’ve never cared! I won’t be convinced ‘til someone sends me a video of Jay, Kanye and Lucifer sharing pizza and brews. Until then I’ll continue to download those G.O.O.D Friday songs and dance terribly off beat.

Jay’s announced that he won’t be firing any shot’s back at Hammer because he kinda has…. or had respect for hammer! He even gave him props in his upcoming book. I wonder if Hammer will apologize to Jay… it is the Christian thing to do.-Lola Mack

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