And the saga continues! Maybe you haven’t been keeping up with the new drama between Chris Brown and Raz B! (you know the whole twitter beef dilemma) Well then here comes Raz B’s brother “Ricky Romance” (his name alone deserves some words…in my opinion) sending out death threats to the R&B heart throb…come on now son! Did you really think you could get that off on Chris Brown without any back lash?? So, without further adieu…here is Chris Brown’s response to Mr. Ricky Romance! *Hilarious*

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PS – this is a spoof of Ricky Romance’s death threat to Chris Brown; for the original Ricky Romance Video…see below!

Chris Brown’s Spoof:

Ricky Romance’s Threat to Chris Brown: (what’s with the awkward pause in his video? Dude is a bit much with that Raz B poster in the background lol)

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