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The Game Viewing Party

BET premiered the highly anticipated season opener of “The Game” last night and a reported 7.7 million viewers tuned in to watch the sitcom that was brought back to your television screens by popular demand. What use to be a thirty minute somewhat funny sitcom, turned into an hour worth of drama last night. The premiere picked up two years later from where it left off on it’s final season airing on The CW. During the first minute of the show, Derwin Davis is being hounded by flashing lights from the Paparazzi. He is a franchise player now, has a deal with Nike and is also Tasha Mack’s newest client. According to Tasha, “he’s a brand, an icon, a one man ball catching economic stimulus package”. Meanwhile, his newly divorced teammate Jason Pitts is on a sports show slamming his team, The Sabers as usual.  Cut to Malik, he’s in a bathroom stall making out with Parker, a character played by Meagan Good. We learn later that Malik is screwing his team owner’s wife. YEOW! Kelly is now divorced from Jason and is filming a reality show titled “Ex-Baller Wives” (sound familiar) and Melanie (now married to Derwin) is shooting the cover of Essence magazine. I mean Dayum! That’s a lot to take in for the opening scene of a show.

Now, here’s the breakdown on what’s going on with your favorite characters:

Malik & Tee Tee

Last season left off with Malik trying to make his sister into a singing star. This season picks up with out his sister. Malik still thinks he rules the world and gets everything his way. Malik’s former personal assistant, homeboy & Fan favorite Tee Tee is back, but this season he refuses to be Maliks door matt. He now owns his own business (Which Malik gave him the money to start) and has a serious girlfriend, Allison. He no longer wants to be Maliks personal assistant, but Malik can’t let him go. Meanwhile, Malik is living on the edge having an affair with the team owners wife (Meagan Good). He gets off by having sex in public bathrooms and Tee Tee is always there to clean up the mess. However, when Tee Tee goes to check on Malik one night after a drunken night of partying, he walks in on Malik in the bath tub with Parker, and his new girlfriend Allison.

Ménage à trois?

Tasha Mack

Tasha Mack has stepped her management game all the way up, turning Derwin into a household name and the Sabers franchise player. Everyone was anticipating what would happen with Tasha and Rick Fox, and how she would react to Kelliy knocking her out last season. Unfortunately Tasha’s been staying clear of Kelly (is she scared?? or what) and her personal life is still a mess. Rick Fox is out of the picture and she has a new young boo Donte’ (played by Terrance J)

Tasha is treading cougar territory as Donte is much younger. They have been dating six months and Donte wants to get serious but as usual Tasha is wanting to not get too close, keep it casual, and keep the relationship on the low because of the age difference. “You do you, I do me and occasionally we’ll do each other“, she tells Donte when he tries to get serious, however, she becomes a little jealous after she realizes that Donte’s ex-girlfriend is Housewives of Atlanta Star Sheree , and realizes she has real feelings for Donte’.

Derwin and Melanie

These two and their relationship-turned-marriage is still full of DRAMA.  Melanie is trying to live with the fact that Derwin now has a two year old and a baby’s mama.  She eventually lets Tasha get into her head with questions of the paternity of Derwins son DJ. While Melanie is watching DJ one night, she swabs his mouth for DNA. She gives the samples to an old med school friend who runs the test. The results come back that DJ is not Derwin’s child, and Mel seeks advisce from Tasha and Kelly. She tells Derwin she got the test done, he is furious, and does not want to know the results. Melanie tells him anyway, and Derwin is devastated and refuses to talk to Mel. Derwin eventually comes around, finally accepts the fact that DJ is not his son, then BOOM! At the end of the show Melanie gets a call back from her doctor friend. Her friend explains she was tired and read the results incorrectly. She reran the test multiple times and DJ is in fact Derwins son. When Mel gets off the phone and Derwin asks who it was, she does not tell him the truth.

See Mel, you don’ f*cked up now!!!

Jason and Kelli

Jason walked out of a court room hand in hand with Stacy Dash last season, leaving Kelly alone and devastated. We learn this season that although Kelly was the one that initiated the divorce, she did want Jason back, but he decided to proceed with the divorce. Stacy Dash’s character is no longer a part of the show.

Kelly’s whole look and attitude has changed (and I hate it!!!) She is now wearing designer shoes and driving a range, all while getting followed by cameras for her reality tv show. Jason and Kelly still share custody of Brittney, who is now played by a different actress and her character looks to have aged about five years. (hated it).   Every chance she gets Kelly throws it in Jason’s face that she won in their divorce and he is the one that is paying for her new life style. Jason gets back at Kelly by walking in on a girls lunch she is having while filming her show. He is wearing a designer suit and walks in hand in hand with his ‘special friend’ Peaches. He offers all of Kelly’s girlfriends to get manis and pedis and they ditch Kelly for Jason. She is furious and suggest he is petty for trying to steal her show. In Jason Pitts style, he puts her in her place reminding her that “I am the show”.

WTF Moment #1: Donte (played by Terrence J) tonguing down Tasha Mack.  Jesus be a fence…

WTF! Moment #2  Realizing that Meagan Good was Malik’s team owner’s wife after we just saw him tonguing her down in the bathroom.

WTF! Moment #3 Kelly and her new look. The tan, the hair, the make up & tattoos.  Jason tells her he hopes she gets attacked by a “pack of eskimos”. I would say the other word but you may like it too much”.

WTF! Moment #4 The new Brit Brat…or whatever Jason and Kelly’s daughter name is. I was not feeling that…

WTF! Moment #5  Melanie finds out her friend told her the wrong results for the DNA test and it is Derwin’s baby.

See, remember when Tyrese had that talk with Lala Vazquez about hanging around a bunch of single friends when you are married.  This rule applies here.  Melanie is running around with a divorced friend as well as a friend that hasn’t been married and they are putting all these crazy thoughts in her head which may result in her marriage ending soon if she keeps up with the shenanighens. How is she going to break it down to Derwin that that is his baby after he has accepted the fact that it may not be. A HOT MESS!

Honorable Mention WTF Moment: Tasha Mack smoking a black and mild while talking to Melanie about the DNA test. I know they are painting her as somewhat ghetto but dayum!

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The Game Viewing Party

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