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It was 1997 when Love Jones premiered starring budding stars Larenz Tate and Nia Long, and almost 15 years later we’re still jonesin’ for the movie that came to be a definitive portrait of black love. Written and directed by Theodore Witcher, Love Jones was the first in a series of films in the late 90’s to depict young black professionals on their quest for love and the American dream. Here are the 25 Reasons We Love Love Jones.

1. The cliche but truly enjoyable “Brotha to the Night” performance.

2. The introduction of spoken-word “culture” to the mainstream.

3. Bill Bellamy drove a hearse.

4. Nina’s photography skills were dope.

5. They went to a stepper’s set.

6. Marvin’s classic line, “I’m going to get some muthaf*ckin Toasted Oats. You tripping!”

7. Darius dedicated his book to Nina.

8. Savon’s wife called him “triflin.”

9. Sheila’s consummate mother-earth-tell-it-like-it-is-diva-ness.

10. The house party scene where Vaughn brings his female “co-worker” and Wood brings Nina.

11. Nina and Darius both feed their insecurities by dating other people which was both real and accurate.

12. The soundtrack was epic.

13. Nia Long was “house-sitting” the dopest apartment ever.

14. Nina’s got her dream job at Vibe magazine.

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