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Man the Cavs just can’t win for losing this year…

Apparently Mr. Daniel “Boobie” Gibson is none-to-happy with his wife Keyshia Cole as some nude pics of her sweater puppets and cooch hit the world wide web. Now we all know Keyshia is a fan of tattoos and there is one in particular that is viewable in the picture, but it’s located in a place where only Boobie (or Young Jeezy) would be able to verify.

To make things worse Cavs coach Byron Scott said Gibson won’t play in tonight’s game against the new New York Knicks for “personal reasons”…Sounds like Keyshia wasn’t sending those pics to her husband. O_o

If your spouse had leaked nude photos or a sex tape would you leave them?

Lesson is, if u send naked pic they can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion!