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Last Wednesday night following the Celtics-Clippers Game there was a FIGHT by the lockerrooms.

Acording to a very CREDIBLE insider, the skirmish occurred when Kevin Garnett’s wife Brandi came FACE TO FACE with his MISTRESS Krissy. You see Krissy, who has LONG held season tickets to the game (purchased by Kevin) was walking out of the “special exit” of the Boston arena when she came FACE-TO-FACE with Kevin’s wife.

It’s not clear whether Krissy and Kevin are still romantically involved, but they certainly WERE. And Brandi was NOT AT ALL happy to see Krissy at the game. The insider explained, “Brandi is usually cool, calm and collected . . . but for [Krissy] to go to the same game as her, that’s just too much.”

The insider claims that Brandi had to be RESTRAINED from beating Krissy’s azz. The snitch explained, “Oh don’t worry about IF Brandi would have won, there were enough people with her to make sure that she WOULD HAVE [won].”