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Journalist Neal Strauss is set to release a biography that details the many celebrity encounters he’s had throughout his interviewing career; one big name who will be less than thrilled with the book is celebutard Paris Hilton. Strauss recalls his first meeting with the heiress in 1999, during which the 18-year-old Hilton did some ecstasy, made out with David “Bud Bundy” Faustino and dropped a little racial bomb. The author claims that Hilton was horrified to find out that “the guy from Saving Private Ryan” who she’d made out with was actually Black (that mysterious light-skinned gent would be Vin Diesel, btw) and states that she “can’t stand Black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross.”

Hilton’s use of racist language isn’t at all new; in 2007, she was caught on camera saying that she and her sister Nicki were dancing like “two niggers”. And while Strauss’ book is a retrospective of his career and, thus, features a lot of anecdotes from folks who’s stars burned out long ago…it’s worth mentioning that 2011 Paris Hilton is about as relevant as an AOL free trial disc (and just as useless).

However, her comments do give one pause. While Hilton’s phrasing was offensive and racist, I’m not quick to judge her personal preference. For all the people taking offense to her words (again, I’m not pardoning her way of expressing her disinterest at ALL), how many Black folks out there have little to no attraction to members of other races? *Raises hand*

You’d never catch me out there saying that White boys are “gross”; that’s unnecessary and untrue. However, I wouldn’t mess with one because I don’t find them attractive. Hilton, however, was attracted to Vin Diesel prior to seeing that he was Black. But I can imagine that if a Creole-looking White gent had booked me, only for me to find out that he wasn’t a brother…I would have ended things as well. However, I would’ve known his race (and name-jeez, she’s a scumbag) prior to making out with him. I don’t see anything wrong with only wanting to date your own race; it’s not necessarily an expression of some sort of hatred and may just be a matter of cultural preference.

As far as Hilton goes, offended Black guys can take comfort in knowing that she will return to yesterday’s news within a week. And I’d imagine that most brothers wouldn’t be too concerned at being considered ‘gross’ by someone as, well, gross as a convicted felon with a “leaked” sex tape and the IQ of a dormat.


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