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WHEN “URBAN GOTH” transgender singer Black Madam was implicated in court documents as the person who gave a lethal buttocks injection to a British woman last month, she was called many hurtful things online:

A man. A thief. A murderer.

But according to a video that Black Madam posted online Friday, the most hurtful thing she was called was 41.

“To tell you the truth, out of all the stuff that they put out, I was so heated that – how dare they put that I’m 41!” she said, in the video. “I don’t look 41. God no!”

In the video, Black Madam, whom police identified in court documents as Padge Victoria Windslowe, 42, of Lower Merion, lambastes the media and talks about how she’s handled life since Feb. 7.

That was the day that British tourist Claudia Seye Aderotimi, 20, and a friend received illegal injections into their buttocks of what they believed was silicone from the Black Madam at a room in the Hampton Inn near the Philadelphia International Airport, court documents said.

Shortly after receiving the injections, Aderotimi was taken to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, in Darby, where she was pronounced dead. Preliminary reports suggest that death could have been due to the injected liquid entering Aderotimi’s vascular system, but police are still awaiting official autopsy findings.

On Feb. 10, police served a warrant to search the Black Madam’s home, but she was nowhere to be found. In her recent video posting, however, Black Madam said that she’s not on the lam.

“Black Madam is not on the run,” she said.

Lt. John Walker, of Southwest Detectives, said yesterday that Black Madam’s attorney has been in contact with police but that the Black Madam is not willing to speak with police herself. Walker said that her attorney assured police that she will remain local. Her lawyer did not return a message left by the Daily News.

“We’ve identified all the parties at the point of injection,” Walker said. “We have talked to everybody, with the exception of the one person that we were contacted by an attorney who said she does not want to discuss the case with us.”

Authorities are awaiting the final autopsy results before moving forward, Walker said.

“Some counties have charged the injectable issue as a misdemeanor in these cases,” he said. “But our district attorney prefers we wait for toxicology reports to come through, and the determination of death, before we move forward with any charges.”

In the recently posted video, which is a studio session for a song called “Hypnotized,” Black Madam doesn’t seem worried about the investigation and shockingly references a joke involving asses.

“It’s going out to all the media who’s put a lot of negative things out about me,” she says of the song. “They don’t know me but yet they assume and you know what they say about people assuming.”

In the “Hypnotized” single, which she notes is for sale on iTunes and, the Black Madam takes a swing at the media.

“Infamy is mine you dirty swine,” she sings. “Filthy style, media lies. Media lies, media lies, media lies, media lies. You are goddamn lie.”

In the video, she says that her “whole world is turned upside down right now” but that “Madam will rise.”

Black Madam also implies in the video that people are still coming to her for injections.

“Out of everything that is going on, my phone is still ringing with girls wanting to come,” she said.

In response to emails sent to the Black Madam from the Daily News, a woman claiming to be her public-relations representative, Michelle Grant, said that there would be a “worldwide press conference” soon.

Grant also included links to several blog posts, including one which implicates a Main Line doctor as the man who supplied Black Madam with the injection fluid.

When questioned further about the post, Grant said that the married doctor, whose name theDaily News is withholding, had been romantically involved with the Black Madam since she was 22, and that he gave her medical supplies from his private practice and a hospital where he worked. He did not return a message left at his office yesterday by the Daily News.

Grant said that the Black Madam was not trained by the doctor in how to do the injections.

“She was informally trained in Quito Ecuador [sic] in 1994 by another Lay Practitioner [sic] who did her body sculpting and also by a doctor in Thailand on her many business trips There [sic],” Grant wrote. “I do know that much.”

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