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Wonda told SOHH that the Fugees’ reunion will happen at the right time for all group members.

“Now for the Fugees right now, people are waiting,” Wonda toldSOHH. “It’s a question of time and let me tell you, only God knows. It’s just that question of time as far as ‘When are we going to do it?’ But I know it will change the game and the world of music. We’re gonna wait. It’s going to happen but you’re going to have to wait for right now.” (SOHH)

He also recalled his experience working on the Fugees’ 1996 classic,The Score, and how the LP came together.

“I’m going to tell you like this. That Score album by the Fugees was actually done in my dad’s basement. My dad gave me the basement for Wyclef and my brother. And we set things up and did the album so quick. That’s why the album is so special. Nobody was thinking about the nitty details we just wanted to make music. We just wanted to go and make some music. And that’s what the experience was like for me. They used to call me ‘Little Bass’ at the time because of all the little [instruments] I used. That’s just what we did.” (SOHH)

Last month, Wonda promised fans a Fugees reconnection.

“I believe there will be a day when the Fugees get together, but everyone in the group’s gotta be ready,” he told “The Fugees are definitely going toget back together. The time will come. You’ve gotta wait, man…I could tell you that the old days were lovely, and if I could go back again, I definitely would. But it’s a whole new era for me right now.” (Rap-Up)

Last January, Wyclef Jean said he lost hope in possibly reuniting with his former group members.

“When it comes to Lauryn and Pras, it’s my childhood, they always bring me to that place. Bono’s U2 calls The Fugees the hip-hop version of theBeatles. It was the first band of hip-hop in our generation…At the end of the day Pras is my brother and Lauryn is my sister, despite what the media say. The Fugees are not meant to be. We’re rock stars from a locked group. You’re going to have egos and differences but at the end of the day I love them both very much.” (Star Pulse)

Check out some past Wyclef Jean footage below: