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Crediting the original film a classic, Ice-T questioned Soulja Boy’s decision to make a modern day version.

“Wait, but that’s Pac,” Ice-T said in an interview when informed of Soulja Boy’s remake. “I mean, you know, at some point somebody gotta stop it. It’s like, I don’t know. I came out and made some statements like yo son, yo, I don’t know. Do you, do you. It’s kind of like, if the masses accept it, it just shows you the state we’re in. Come on man. Do you think I would try to remake Pac’s movie? … Good luck though. I’m not a hater, good luck.” (Shade 45)

Ice-T’s comments caught wind of Soulja Boy who responded with multiple taunts.

“Ice-T mad cuz I pulled up in the 2012 LOL i’m sitting on a red n—a. haha young n—z taking over” Soulja tweeted last weekend. “i’m done with this n—a. someone get this guy a hairline asap. If your name is Ice-T you are #losing not #winning better yet you #lost” (Soulja Boy’s Twitter)

Last week, Soulja Boy talked about battling the film remake’s backlash.

“Man, I’m a Tupac fan. I respect Tupac. It’s nothing like that. I would never try to disrespect Tupac–ever. It was just an idea that I had for a mixtape. The movie is just a movie… You had Game who was in Belly 2. You had a lot of different rappers that were in a lot of different movies. I think they’re saying that just ’cause of who I am, it’s Soulja Boy.” (Rap-Up)

In 2008, Soulja Boy responded to accusations made by Ice-T about his music killing hip-hop.

“I swear, I respect everybody who started this, who opened the doors for young artists like me to get in to the hip-hop and musicindustry,” Soulja Boy said in a video. “I know Ice-T is a legend in the game and he’s a veteran and all that, but n*gga once you tell me ‘Eat a d*ck’, and I hear that on the radio in my city–the reality behind it is that the game has changed. There’s new and young n*ggas out and eating and nobody wanna hear that old sh*t no more.” (YouTube)

Check out Ice-T’s interview below: