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WTF! Mike Epps gets served! According to Friday night in Dallas at the Verizon theatre, about 15 minutes into his routine , a white girl walked up to the stage and just threw a stack of papers at him. Of course he made a joke about saying “white bitches throwing papers on the stage” then he looked at it and read “you’ve been served, b*tch this don’t scare me, I been to the penitentiary!..” WOW! you know the comedian couldn’t stop there! LOL! “I been to the penitentiary!…and I sell a lil weed on the side! Now run and tell that!”

He moved on we’re told but you know he had to bring it up later in the show, “Hey where that bad built white bitch who threw these papers on the stage? I wanted to tell her she left her ass in her seat ol flat booty b*tch.”

Now BMS won’t speculate about which type of papers he was served but we’re told its about the the brawl in Detroit he had earlier this year.