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This year the Lakers got spanked by the Mavericks, the first time a Phil Jackson playoff team has gotten swept, and rumors of lockerroom drama are swirling. The first rumor that circulated during the series was that Kobe told his wife that Pau Gasol cheated while on the road and she in turn, ran back and told Pau’s girl who allegedly dumped him.

Last week, the rumor took even more of a strange twist, and it was reported on Black Sports Online that Pau Gasol’s girl was sleeping with Lakers guard Shannon Brown, who is currently married to R&B singer Monica.

To be honest, there is no direct proof to back up the rumor. I heard that Pau’s girl doesn’t even speak English. It sounds more like a storyline for the next season of BET’s “The Game” more than anything, however, Lakers player Andrew Bynum didn’t help shut down the rumors of drama in the locker room when he told reporters:

“Obviously we have trust issues, and unless we come out and discuss them, nothing is going to change. It’s quite obvious to anybody watching the game. Hesitation on passes. Defensively not being there for your teammate, because he wasn’t there for you before. Stuff like that, those things.”

Asked if the trust issues are on the court or in the locker room, Bynum didn’t let up. “I mean, it’s basketball, so it would definitely be both. -ESPN“