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Rich said confusion over a tweet Thursday (May 19) night lead to misunderstandings and beef rumors.

According to B. Rich, the gossip started after WPGC radio personality Sunni tweeted that Bob would not get on stage if Wale was in the building. Rich said the Tweet was completely uninformed. “As a manager I didn’t want Bob to go on after Wale in his hometown at the birthday bash,” he told XXL. “There’s no beef, that’s our n*gga, we wanted to bring him out during our set. Bob has no idea what’s going on. He don’t mind going on after or before anybody, this is a decision I made [as a manager].” (XXL Mag)

Initial reports claimed B.o.B. would not appear at the event while Wale was present.

What exactly went down at WPGC’s Birthday Bash at 9:30 Club last night? According to some Twitter reports and a post on DC Fab, Atlanta (sorta) rapper B.o.B. refused to take the 9:30 Club stage as long as local rapper Wale was in the venue. “Sorry 930 club,” Wale tweeted. Wale did hit the stage during go-go band Rare Essence’s set (sporting a Gary Payton Seattle Supersonics throwback jersey) and B.o.B. did perform as advertised later. (Washington Post)

Following the event, B.o.B. also hit up Twitter to downplay the beef speculation.

“Man f*ck the rumors. #TeamBoB focus on what’s actually important in life,” B.o.B. tweeted May 20th. (B.o.B.’s Twitter)

Outside of the gossip, the Atlanta rapper is currently working on a follow-up to last year’s Adventures of Bobby Ray album.

“I feel like I’m about halfway through it, and I wouldn’t even say because of how many songs I have,” said B.o.B in an interview. “It’s kinda like as an artist you absorb, it’s like a sponge, you absorb it and then you gotta give it back out. I still feel like I got more to put out. I got more to say. So I can record songs all day, but until I get everything out that I want to say, that’s pretty much what the wait is…I feel like it’s all about timing — It’s the right timing and I haven’t revealed the name of the album yet, but I’ve been working on this since before The Adventures of Bobby Ray, so it’s a real special project.” (MTV)

Check out some past B.o.B. footage below: