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Kiss credits his lackluster efforts to rush surplus amounts of music online as a reason why fans continue to crave for more from him.

“That’s what makes me special, I just bird feed you,” Kiss said when asked why he does not put out ample amounts of albums. “That keeps me in demand. It hurts a little but not as much. You know what I mean? They leaked [my music], they eating it up on Twitter, that’s one of my specialities; to not give you too much so you always want more…I just got all my publishing back and contracts [situated.] It discouraged me a few years back to put out so much music and I wasn’t getting the bulk of the money. [Threatening to not put out music] was a publicity stunt that really ain’t work. New artists, don’t try that. [laughs] Everything’s beautiful [now.]” (“The Breakfast Club”)

He also described the grind every major artist goes through to stay signed and achieve success.

“Every label kind of sucks,” Kiss told Charlamagne Tha Godwhen told Def Jam is not the best label out. “It’s on the individual artist. You gotta get out there and work. It’s to the point now where every label is independent. They follow your move. If you out there working, you got your Internet game up, you’re moving, you got good relationships with radio stations and deejays, they’ll get behind you…If you’re sitting there waiting for Def Jam to pull you off the couch and put you somewhere, that ain’t gonna happen. That ain’t gonna happen with Interscope, Def Jam, Koch, E-1, no label [will do that]. They’re following what you’re doing.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Recently, Kiss talked artists about having to step up their marketing game in order to survive.

“Times have changed,” Jada explained in an interview. “You almost have to put your whole sh*t out for them to buy it. You see that with Kanye [West], with everybody. You got to leak sh*t–that’s the new sh*t. If they like it, they’ll buy it anyway. But that’s what it is now. You have to do that because so much sh*t is coming out every day, you’ll get swept under the rug before you know it. You have to stay in their ears, on their computer screens, in their iPods, iPads, MacBooks. You got to be there and the only way to be there is to let it out. You have to be in it to win it.” (VIBE)

Young Money’s Gudda Gudda recently spoke to SOHH and crowned Jada SOHH Underrated.

“The main thing I loved about Jadakiss was his voice. I just loved the way his voice would project [onto] a track. His flow, lyrics, everything about Jada’s style was just sick to me. I could remember days when me and [Lil] Wayne would be riding around listening to him all day and the LOX album and we would just be like, “Man, this n*gga Jadakiss is stupid on this beat.” He’s one of the best. (SOHH Underrated)

Check out Jadakiss’ interview below: