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I attend a lot of events around Cleveland. I go to concerts, fashion shows, poetry readings, and various other occasions. The event or the venue might change, but there seems to be one element that remains constant: Mike Dantzler.  Known better as Cleveland’s Own Mike D, he’s the man with the plan for what’s going on in the city. You can either find him in the streets, or on Regardless of where you see him, you need to get familiar because he’s quite the resource for the social scene. Hear what he had to say when I asked him a few questions…

1.) If you could bring one person back from the dead, who would it be and why?

Mike D: The more I think about it I’ve got to say…nobody. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people in my life that I miss and that at times I wish were still around or alive in present day times, but I’ve realized in my life that everything happens for a reason and has it’s purpose. Those loved ones and influentials that we’ve lost, had/have a great impact on us and shaped us into the person that we are today. While we may miss them, their legacy will never die as long as we keep

it alive, no matter who they are or were.

2.) What was the worst job you ever had?

Mike D: I’ve held a lot of jobs in my life and I’ve pretty much enjoyed them all, but if I had to choose ones that I liked the least it’s got to be the ones that keep me couped up. Such as the office jobs I’ve had and even some factory positions where I’ve had to stand in one place for eight hours. I’m way too Free Spirited for that.

3.) What is your idea of the perfect party?

Mike D: The “Perfect Party” in my opinion, no matter the vibe or setting, consists of any amount of people all celebrating life and having a good-great time. People step out with a purpose, Fellas get fresh with a purpose, ladies get “fancy” with a purpose and I’m pretty sure that purpose isn’t to stand around with an attitude and complain all night. You came out to have a good time, so act like it and make every night epic. Feel free to scuff or crease your sneaks while dancing with a pretty girl (You can just reload your fresh at NEXT #Plug), feel free to sweat your hair out dancing all night…isn’t that part of what you got all cute for? Then The “Perfect Party” must also have a well thought out and well executed concept. I don’t like the parties where people just get a venue, play music, open the doors and then expect you to pay a cover just to stand around all night. Parties are a form of entertainment…Entertain Me!!! Don’t invite me to a party that contains all the same elements as my local bar. In a city with 30 plus promotional groups I expect more from us, myself included. I like to “Party Like The Sun Don’t Set” and enjoying every moment of the night.

4.) What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

Mike D: I first have to say that this question is way too unfair of a question. I mean seriously, how can I (or anyone) pick just one (1) MJ song? I’m going to go with Off The Wall though, simply because it encourages us to leave that 9 to 5 up on the shelf and enjoy ourselves. We work hard so let’s play hard. Leave all your worries and stresses at home and enjoy yourself.

5.) What is the best month of the year and why?

Mike D: I have two favorite months, January and June. In addition to being the month I was born, January is the month that everyone is fresh off their holiday highs. People are still in good spirits but reality is slowly coming back into play. Also it’s a month of newness and reinvention, a critical and essential part of our growth process as people. Then you have June, I think my love affair with June originated when I was younger and it was the month that school was out for the summer. June though is like the reunion episode of your favorite reality show, with all of it’s mounting anticipation, drama, action, excitement, and adventures to come. June let’s you know that you’re still alive.

6.) Who is your biggest influence?

Mike D: Naturally my influences are God, my family, friends, and the world around me. However, I’m hard headed, stubborn, and a tad bit rebellious so I don’t listen all the time and not as influenced. The world around me servers more so as my many inspirations and motivations that keep me focused and feeling good about life.

7.) If you could tell the world one message, what would it be?

Mike D: Maintain Your Balance. Life is about balance, too much of anything will kill you and not enough of anything will kill you too. So just find your balance and maintain it. You’ll be fine.

8.) What’s the best kept secret about Cleveland?

Mike D: Our Potential. We’re a city with so much to offer and a lot going on yet we keep it hidden from even ourselves. That’s where my work with The Cleveland Committee, Team Different, and Talk Of Cleveland comes in to play. My team and have set out to make a difference and expose the finer points of the city that we’ve derived from.

9.) What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from your parents?

Mike D: There are way too many for me to count. Some of the ones that stand out at the moment are to keep God first, maintain my Integrity, love everyone (even “The Haters”), and the true value of my relationships with everyone I come in contact with. I could probably write a book on the lessons I’ve learned from my parents and family.

10.) What is

Mike D: The Talk of Cleveland, LLC is the brainchild of Founder Tony Harris. Tony’s vision was to create a magazine that highlighted both positive people and events in the Greater Cleveland area. Our mission is to identify and profile individuals, businesses, organizations, events, products, and trends that positively impact our community while providing a marketing vehicle for retail, service, and manufacturing enterprises. Our entire team is committed to the betterment of our city, and often times we need to look in a mirror to recognize our true beauty. Talk Of Cleveland is that mirror.

11.) What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

Mike D: Can I plead the 5th here…? I’ve got several pleasures, but I don’t feel guilty about any of them. Not even the ones that might make women blush…I’m pretty okay with those.

12.) What is your favorite cocktail?

Mike D: Hanger 1 Lime & Sprite with lemon or Jameson straight on the rocks.

13.) What is your favorite place to travel to and why?

Mike D: I’ve been to quite a few places and I appreciate each location for what it is. I do however want to visit Easter Island one day. I’m intrigued by it’s history and would like to see it for myself. I’ve got a few projects that will take me on the road with the World Famous Chief Rocka Q-Nice before then though, so maybe I’ll find a favorite place as I add stamps to my passport.

14.) What is one thing you would like to achieve before you leave this earth?

MikeD: The revitalization and progression of my city. If not in my lifetime, then in time through my legacy. I’m going to do my part to make a difference. That, and to own my own island.

15.) What can we expect from Mike D in the future?

Mike D: I’ve got a quite a few things on the horizon, such as my events and projects with The Cleveland Committee and Team Different. Way too many to list off right now. The best way to keep up with me and what’s going on is to follow me on Twitter ( @MikeD_CLE ), also look for me at , I’m coming soon to , and of course I’m on

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