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While there are no immediate plans to put out a project alongsideYoung Neef, Chris said he will never break apart from his longtime friend.

“I ain’t gonna lie, I was on the block with Neef a few days ago,” Chris recently told SOHH. “We were just chilling. That’s what we do, man. We didn’t come into this rap game together, we came from the streets together so when [the media] talks ‘Young Gunznot together,’ that’s nonsense. That’s the most bullsh*t I’ve heard. That’s my brother, man. Like for real. That’s my brother. That’s my family. That ain’t going nowhere. Everybody’s had their little problems with the music sh*t or whatever, but as far as coming from the streets — that’s family. Ain’t no blood getting spilled. That ain’t never gonna happen.” (SOHH)

In 2009, Chris talked about Young Gunz possibly signing a deal with either Roc Nation or Interscope.

“Paper work is everything, so due to the split up with Def Jam, it’s taken longer for the deal to happen,” Chris said in an interview about their third group project. “Right now we have a deal on the table and it’s a toss up between Roc Nation and Interscope… Wherever I go Jay-Z and Mark Ronson are executive producing it together. So that’s a great balance.” (VIBE)

Neef also previously said there were plans to put together a Tough Luv 2 album.

“A lot of people come in this game and they get put together,” Neef said in 2009. “We came up from nothing to something. That’s really my brother from another. Right after Chris, we are going to get to Tough Luv 2 and give the fans that Young Gunz. We are just giving the people what they want.” (VIBE)

While a Young Gunz project will have to wait, Chris recently talked about pursuing a solo career under hitmaker Rico Love‘s Division 1 Universal Motown label.

“Nah, actually I wasn’t,” Chris said in an interview when asked if he was hesitant signing a deal with hitmaker Rico Love. “I thought it would be a good marriage from the gate because [of] how creative he is. Us together, like our chemistry, we bonded right away. I was excited about it. I wasn’t hesitant at all — He’s only one year older than me, so, we can hang out together, [go to the] strip club, do whatever we do. The records come out even better when the relationship is like that. That’s the only thing I was hesitant about, I gotta know him first. It was cool. It’s like my brother man. He definitely [taught] me things that he learned on the songwriting side of things or whatever. When it’s time to get melodic on records. He’s real good at that. That’s what he do. Even if you don’t teach it, you just learn. I’m a good learner from observing. I just sit back, watch and observe from the studio.” (You Heard That New)

Check out a recent Young Chris interview below: