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I’m officially calling for an intervention for Katt Williams! Fans blew up our email today pissed that he showed up 4 hours late for a comedy show at Tingley Auditorium in Albuquerque on Saturday.

One fan wrote this: “The doors opened at 6pm. A band performed around 7. Shawty Shawty was the MC, and AJ Johnson performed a miserable set and was booed off the stage. After a myriad of attempts to blow smoke about where Katt was, the crowd began to “act up”. Mind you, it’s 100 degrees in Albuquerque right now, folks were drinking before during and after the concert. So by the time a huge chick fight broke out and they shut down the alcohol concessions, it was too late: everybody was already mad, hot and drunk. Samuel L Jackson was in the front row and I kept watching him to see if he was going to leave or not, assuming that he had first hand knowledge of what the hell was going on. Katt showed up looking disheveled and stressed around 10pm!! he walked around pacing and nervous, poured 2 bottles of water on his head but said nothing. A cop showed up on stage and [Katt] told us that he “may” get arrested due to some Ohio stuff. He cursed out a few people in the audience who were yelling at him and then he left the stage for about 40 minutes! He came back later and did a very weird set. Basically, he rambled until the cops turned the lights on at 2:15am. I am Katt’s age so I understood what he was philosphizing about, but most of the audience sat there scratching their heads.

After waiting for hours, Katt finally took the stage looking crazy as ever! Check out the video below…especially at the 2:40 mark when he spits in his hands and then slicks his hair back after a fan asked why Katt kept them waiting. REFUND!