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According to Dr. Drew OrdonKardashian may have had a butt job but no plastic surgery.

“With our dear friend Kim and her x-ray, clearly there was no prosthesis, there is not a butt implant, but with the classical Brazilian butt lift, yes, you’re using your own fat which you’re taking from one part of the body which you’ve gotten from liposuction and putting it in another part of the body,” Ordon explained. “And on x-ray you would not be able to tell if that was done so she may in fact had the classical Brazilian butt lift using her own fat.” (Rumor Fix)

Ordon also feels confident in claiming Kardashian’s backside may be completely untouched.

“But, based on Kim Kardashian’s basic body style/type which is part of her gene makeup, she’s what we call a mesomorph,” he added. “She’s a big curvaceous woman, she’s zoftig and rubenesque, therefore she just may have gotten those traits genetically. She may have just been born with that butt. These are my comments as a professional.” (Rumor Fix)

Footage of Kim’s x-ray experience landed online a few days ago.

Despite widespread speculation, Kim provided a video on herCelebuzz blog to prove all the naysayers wrong. The clip shows Kardashian, 30, expressing her willingness to show the world the truth from last Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with theKardashians. “I really just want to get [it] so I can show the whole world,” she tells the doctor. Kim and her sisters laughed at the entire experience. Kim said that she compared X-rays of her butt with Kourtney’s breast implants to see how different the two looked. “Honestly, how ridiculous, lol,” she wrote. “But now you know… 100% real, baby!!!” (The Celebrity Cafe)

Earlier this month, bodacious reality star Coco talked about the dangers of butt implants.

“I’m not against plastic surgery but me going through surgery, I know what it feels like. And I’m kind of against the fact that you should get butt implants because one thing that you’re missing out here, is that when you have boobs, you’re not sitting on you boobs 24-7, when you get butt implants, you’re sitting on your butt for most of the day. You have to think about that. I’m so worried about how I move my boobs here and there. I have to wear a sports bra when I go to the gym. You can’t jiggle all the time, you might jiggle them out of place. Think about that as far as the butt thing goes because they may jiggle out of place and you might not be able to fix it. I hear some really horror stories about the booty thing and I know I might sound hypocritical to do your boobs and not your butt. But, it’s so unnatural. I mean you’re not touching the chest area all that much, you’re not walking all on the chest area all that much. You do a lot with the butt.” (VIBE)

Check out Kim Kardashian’s booty x-ray below:

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