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Ginuwine definitely had the ladies going crazy back in the 90s with his sexy videos and love songs, and from the looks of it, he’s still got a little “something something” going on that is making the ladies smile. However, his wife, Sole, isn’t having that, and showed that she means business recently when she had a few “choice words” with a fan on Twitter.

According to the, Ginuwine was recently at Kings Dominion where he twit pic’d a picture of himself planking (the most senseless yet hilarious game on the planet). A smitten fan from Brooklyn replied to Ginuwine’s tweet with her phone number and asked him if he ever hung out with any of his fans.

Insert Sole here, who took the liberty to express her feelings toward the fan’s tweet on her own Twitter page. She tweeted: “@MrsSole: If u sendin my husband DMs trying 2 b sexy & holler on the low #youneedtositdown…were laughing @ u lol #shame & #jesustakethewheel”

A fan responded to Sole’s tweet stating, “@breeze_bi_yu: @MrsSole they can only DM him if he’s following them & he’s probably following for a reason, so check HIM not the fans!! #thatisall”

Ding Ding Ding!

Sole responded: “@MrsSole: @breeze_bi_yu girl bye lol he follows tons of ppl as do I #sit down and mind ya business”

And the fan wrote back: “@breeze_bi_yu: @MrsSole My TL= my business! Furthermore if he has lots of followers,y on his DM’s?? He’s old & played,nobody wants him! #youcankeephim”

And went on to say, “@breeze_bi_yu: These sensitive ass celebs,I’m forever getting into it w/their asses!! Just had to check @MrsSole whack ass!”

And continued with, “@breeze_bi_yu: @MrsSole Yeah you’re D-list material,tweeting senseless responses and he loves you too hunni!”

*Insert Ginuwine and Sole’s 16-year-old-daughter Cypress here*

“@breeze_bi_yu: @CypressSoleil No #youhaveaseat! Your sensitive ass mother talking about ppl DM’n her man,I simply said they can only DM if he’s following!”

And Cypress responded: “@CypressSoleil: @MrsSole It’s funny how people try to say that you tweet useless stuff, but clearly she had to be following you in order to see it….fail”

Funny that Ginuwine was no were to be found on Twitter during this “confrontation”.

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