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Dave Chappelle’s Block Party in 2004 will go down as one of the coolest outdoor concert experiences of the last ten years.  R&B star Jill Scott was one of the featured performers and tore down the stage with Erykah Badu during a rendition of “You Got Me.” Now if you watch footage from the movie (released in 2006) Jill was very pleasant and easy going back stage, even with her pimple named “Herbert”. But in a recent interview with TheHuffingtonPost she admitted that being back stage wasn’t all fun for her.

MR: You’re in a certain Dave Chappelle’s Block Party flick. That must have been fun.

JS: That was not fun for me. It was a great experience, however it wasn’t fun. The only reason I say that is I typically work a certain kind of way. There were so many people and so much energy that it was hard for me to find a space to just be for a moment, straight from a crowd of people to the stage, which is not normally what I do. I remember being thoroughly exhausted when that was over, but very proud of the outcome. I still watch it now and then and I think, “Wow, what a great experience.”


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