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Despite going city to city, Waka claims some groupies hit the road and follow him.

“Oh My Gawd! After the show they follow us to the car. We get kicked out of the hotel, but it’s so many girls, they follow us on the highway,” Waka said in an interview when asked about groupies getting love in whips. “We gotta stop on the highway and my security has to get out and have their guns out so they can get scared and drive away. When other rappers come with me they always say they ain’t never seen no sh*t like that.” (Complex)

Last year, G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks talked about the groupie action he witnessed throughout his run in the music industry.

“I’ve done seen a lot, I’ve seen a mother and daughter, I done had a mother and daughter, women in the room already, things like that. Imagine going in your bathroom and somebody come out the closet. It’s been crazy, overwhelming man and I think it helped me, from being with women and so beautiful that you look at them and be like, ‘D*mn, how the f*ck did I get this b*tch?‘ It kinda preps you [to think] that everything isn’t always about the looks.” (Blogxilla)

In summer 2010, rap veteran Bun B dished out some groupie advice for hip-hop artists.

“You have to be smarter than your d*ck,” he revealed in an interview. “That’s just being real. When I say that, I mean not allowing sex to make dumb decisions for you to the point where you don’t even allow your brain to interfere. If it just comes down to a physical thing and you let sex lead the way, you are going to be in trouble time and time again…Make sure the n*ggas that surround you have dealt with women on a mature level. Because that’s where the problems starts. A lot of these cats have never really had a woman before, especially the caliber of women that comes with our career. And that’s something that a lot of these cats can’t turn down. You have to make sure you are surrounded by experienced men.” (VIBE)

Not only a staple for male artists, R&B singer Mashonda recently said she gets her fair share of male groupies.

“You mean the groupie boys? … Yeah, you never know. I mean, they all love me…I show everybody love. But I don’t like the word ‘groupie’–it’s so harsh. I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with one person admiring another person… I recently went on a date, and it was incredible.” (KING)

Check out some recent Waka Flocka Flame footage below: