Cash Money CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams better hold off buying that $8 million dollar Maybach! He’s been slapped with a $75,000 lawsuit, over a failed show in Las Vegas.

Williams was named in a lawsuit filed by Lana Fuchs and her company Billionaire Mafia LLC on August 11th. The lawsuit claims Birdman failed to show up for a show back in 2010 at Club Eve during the Magic convention.

The lawsuit says Fuchs wired $50,000 to a Florida attorney named Philip Brutus, who claimed he represented Birdman, as well as Nicki Minaj. According to the lawsuit, Billionaire Mafia reps had conversations with Birdman, who noted that Philip Brutus was not his attorney and that his signature was forged.

Birdman had stated that he never signed the agreement in question, but it appears that his signature on the agreement appeared to be not Birdman’s, but forged signatures,” the lawsuit alleges.

To make matters worse, Brutus was suspended from practicing law in the state of Florida when he entered into the agreement. Lana Fuchs wants $75,000 in actual damages, lost profits or other consequential damages.

You may remember, this isn’t the first time a promoter has been duped into thinking they were working with official reps of an artist for Cash Money Records.

Lil Wayne, Birdman, Nicki Minaj, and Drake have all been targeted over the past several years, by promoters who falsely claim to represent the artists.


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