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The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye, is a freakishly talented young man who makes addicting music. His last mixtape “House Of Balloons” had music junkies going nuts! Surprisingly enough, there is a new one that just dropped titled “Thursday”. As soon as I found out that there was a new Weeknd mixtape dropping I got super excited, probably more excited than I’ve ever been for a mixtape. I just HAD to take the opportunity to do a review on this one. Let me just warn you, do not download this mixtape unless you want to become addicted. The beats are absolutely ridiculous, melodies are perfection and lyrics simply divine. Although, I must advise you to download the first mixtape “House Of Balloons” (<-click link)  before you listen to this one though, so that you can fully grasp the concept.  I promise it will not let your ears down.  Now let’s get to reviewin’…

#1|Lonely Star– There really isn’t much to say about this song other than “holy melody”.  The rhythm is #nice and the lyrics are deep as usual. (I have a feeling I’ll be saying that a whole lot) |

#2| Life Of The Party–  The title pretty much explains it all.  This song gives off a trancy vibe.  I feel like this track would be playing if I was high off of something crazy.  It just paints an insane picture. My favorite lyric is “with the drugs in your body, take that step, you’re the life of the party”.  It’s sort of like he’s the devil on your left shoulder trying to convince you to “just do it”.  (p.s. kids, don’t do drugs, #imjustsayin)

#3| Thursday–  I am not sure what his obsession with this day of the week is, but I am not complaining.  This track is super “trancy” like I say.  It makes you want to float away into his voice.

#4| The Zone–  By Track 4 you are probably wondering, “why do all these songs make me feel like I wanna go do something illegal while riding around with the top down?”.  Yes, he does seem to have his own sound and sticks to it no matter what, but never fret, he changes it up. Stick around.  “The Zone” is just that…he wants you to get in your zone with this one. Trancy Trancy Trancy.

#5| The Birds Part 1– Umm, one word…#WINNING. “So don’t you fall in love, don’t make me make you fall in love”…”you’ll be falling to a point of no return” The end.

#6| The Birds Part 2– This track starts out super weird and I love it.  It’s obviously a sequel to number five.  Favorite lyric “let me fall out of love before you fxxk her”.  It’s insane how he can just go on forever and tell this story.  Insanely vivid.

#7| Rolling Stone– Let me just say this guitar is SICK.  This is what I was talking about when I said he was going to switch it up a bit.  This is still definitely him, but much clearer.  Easier to understand and beautiful. Favorite Lyric “they just recognize, I’m in a life without a home, so this recognition is not enough” -UGH!

#8| Gone– The breakdowns in this song are ridiculous.  If you listen really closely to the beat, there are so many different instruments being used.  I love the creativity!!!!

#9| Heaven Or Las Vegas- I am sad to say that this mixtape has come to an end but I was pleasantly surprised to hear this track.  This one definitely makes me tap my foot.  I love the electric guitar in this, adds character to the song.  Favorite lyric “I’ve been rewarded with you”. Simple yet so chivalrous! lol

Click Here To Download “Thursday”

All in all the mastermind has done it again.  I am completely okay with the end result of this mixtape.  No matter if you have heard his music before or not, The Weeknd continually surprises us with his melodic musical drugs.  I haven’t been able to get enough of him since the first mixtape and now I have a new one to put on repeat.

Stay Classy Cleveland:)

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