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Dr. Belton gives us some red flags that you can identify in either yourself or your partner.  These are called “Obsession Alerts”…..

Immediate Physical Attraction

Obsessive lovers often rush into a sexual relationship before developing an emotional bond with their partner.  Because of that physical intensity, they think there’s an emotional bond, say Dr. Belton.

Practicing How Your Names Sounds Together

The non-obsessed consider the possibility of a future, while the potential bunny-boiler has already made up their minds that THIS IS IT!  ”The obsessive partner has already determined that this is his/her one and only love who will be his partner for life and beings to make plans for the future.  There is no room for doubt,” says Dr. Belton.

You Snoop

Obsessive people don’t respect privacy.  They run through your phone contacts and will even call friends and relatives to gather information about you.  ”This behavior can begin within days or weeks of the start of a relationship or may not show up until some event, such as becoming engaged or going away to school, triggers the obsessive feelings.”

Overly Dependent

You aren’t able to function–get out of bed, go to work or hang out with friends–until you’ve had some kind of contact with your significant other.  You stay in bed and mope until they call or comes to see you.  Until they do, it’s drapes closed, pajamas, and  movies all day while.

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