They Don’t Want You to Hang Out with Friends Anymore

Outsiders are a threat to a girl or guy who is obsessed.  If your boyfriend just wants to go play ball on Saturday morning instead of cuddling in bed with you, then his buddies become the enemy.  ”Obsessive lovers often manipulate situations to keep their partner to themselves.”

There’s No Trust

If you can’t get it out of your mind that your significant other is cheating on you and you keep accusing them of having phantom encounters with random people, you might need to have some serious introspection.  Dr. Belton says that this kind of jealously develops as time goes on.

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Forcing the L-word

It’s been a few months and the more you get involved and “I love you’s” have been exchanged, you make them say it EVERY TIME you talk, especially if it’s a phone call.  If they doesn’t say, “I love you too, Snookkums!” you immediately think they don’t love you anymore, or their with another person.

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