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Relationships.  They are fragile and ever changing…like seasons.  The original story happens; Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they fall in lust.  The honeymoon phase arises and they cannot get enough of each other.  This is where the “Should we take it to the next level?” question comes about way too soon.  They hop into a relationship just so they can have that title. Throughout the relationship they learn new things about each other that they may not necessarily enjoy.  They learn that one thing turns into a million.  One of them opts out of the union and calls it a day.  We see this happening all around us.  People taking it way too fast not realizing what they are signing up for.  What happens when the honeymoon phase dies, one or both of you changes and the romance fizzles?  Do you blame it on eachother and break up or do you try to stick it out for times sake?

I am sure that someone who will come across this has jumped into a relationship too soon just to find out that this person just was not for you.  How can you get away from making this mistake and being a serial dater?  Here are a few of my ideas for doing so.

#1. Give yourself time to get to know this person.

Too many times we fall in lust which we confuse for love.  This is the main reason why I do not believe any relationship should be based off of sexual relations.  Meaning..just wait.  I am sure you are sitting over there thinking “She wants me to wait…how damn long?!”  I get it. Sex is fun, sex is interesting.  But how many times can you honestly have sex with someone and still be interested in who they are. Interested in being around them everyday.  You must base this relationship off of something real and honest.  This may mean putting sex aside and bringing your emotions to the front.

#2.  Do not make rules.

I know, this may seem contradictory to #1. What I mean by this, is don’t think so much.  When you’re getting to know someone, do things you never did with someone else.  Don’t tell yourself “I won’t let him/her see who I really am..yet”. Let your walls fall down.

#3.  Be honest with yourself.

Too many of us lie to ourselves everyday about our relationships.  We try to convince ourselves that what we are doing is good for us, because we do not want to admit we could be wrong.  If the situation you’re in now isn’t making you happy…end it.  It may be easier said than done but in the end, this is your future…and it’s in your hands. Nobody else’s.  Besides, if you aren’t happy with yourself you cannot possibly let someone love you.

#4. Cut off all ties.

If you are considering getting into a relationship with someone, be positive they are your only priority.  Keeping exes on the back burner is disrespectful to this person and yourself.  Also, it shows how immature you are.  If you aren’t mature enough to leave them behind, you’re not mature enough to have a grown up relationship.

#5. Live Your Life.

If you feel that a relationship is not for you at the moment, don’t worry about it.  Never think you need a “better half”.  You can do bad all by yourself!

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