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When asked if he felt pressured to keep up with his protege’s success, Wayne says Drizzy’s position as his employee does not allow for serious competition.

“Drake is my artist. If he wasn’t my artist, then yeah maybe. But that’s my artist. He’s not [just] a friend. We’re more than friends. It’s business. It would be impossible for it to be a competition. I mean, I’m the guy’s boss.” (VIBE)

Last April, Wayne killed speculation suggesting that Drake’s absence from his “I Am Still Music II” tour was due to internal conflict.

Wayne once again explained Drake’s absence and understood from the fan’s standpoint how his protégé’s omission from the tour looked from the outside, sympathizing with the speculative remarks of Young Money supporters. “That’s just due to thisworld we live in today,” said the Young Money captain. “[B]ecause I remember back in the days when if someone wasn’t on tour then the first thing we’d think was they were doing a movie or they were doing something else that was productive.” Wayne went on to add, “Nowadays if you don’t see somebody in the picture, then it’s ‘Oh, he’s leaving’ and he’s this and “Oh Wayne, you’re mad at this person’ and I don’t even deal with it man. I just get my money and call the shots.” (RapFix)

A few months ago, Weezy said he always knew Drake would become a super star.

“The first thing I said was this kid’s a superstar,” Weezy told MTV News about his introduction to Drizzy. “I don’t think you can remember, but I did some interviews back then when they were asking me about him and I said he’s better than me. I can’t sing. I can make a song, but this kid has the actual R&B presence. Then he’s one of the dopest lyricists. That right there, he has a welcoming appearance. I knew he was something bigger than [what] I had envisioned for my company when I ran into this kid. I was thinking I’m going to put my people on and we’re going to be all right, but then when I ran into this kid, I was like, this a superstar, he’s got a chance to make my company something for real, something to be thought of, to be remembered.” (MTV)

Wayne’s new Tha Carter IV album has sold over a million copies since its release earlier this month.

Grammy-winning rapper-slash-martian Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV dropped two slots to No. 5 with 84,100. Headed into his fifth week, Weezy’s new album has moved 1,384,800 records to date. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out some recent Lil Wayne footage below:

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