I was at an event earlier and asked the ladies their opinion on things grown men shouldnt so. If there is something missing off the list, leave it in the comment section!

Spitting in the Middle of the Sidewalk

Yes, sometimes there’s crud in our throats that we need to expel with a quickness. But there’s a way to do it with tact. Something about hawking up a loogie in front of women and small children can be viewed as crude and disgusting.  If you absolutely must do something about it make sure you expel away from the pedestrians. You would think this would be common sense but as a person who’s almost be spit on, I can assure you it’s not.

Scratching your Balls in Public

The ladies said they HATE that.

Leaving Piss on the back of the Toilet Seat

The ladies said women are completely grossed out by this

Streaks in your Drawers

 If those drawers are dirty, ladies see men in a different light. Fellas keep it clean.

 Gallivanting around when you Don’t have a Job

Women dont like broke dudes. Thats easy.

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