More drama for Comediam Katt Williams!  This time an incident went down at a Best Buy in Coleraine, Ohio. The funny man and a female companion were questioned by police Thursday over an alleged shoplifting incident at the Best Buy store … but this time, Katt was NOT arrested.

Cops were sent to the store after receiving a call about a person, who appeared to be in Katt’s crew, pocketing several items off the shelves.

Once police arrived to the scene, we’re told cops questioned Katt, his female friend and peeps in his entourage.

After a brief investigation, Katt was NOT arrested, neither was the woman, but one of his boys was cited for a “minor misdemeanor.”

We all know Katt has a long history of drama with cops, we toldja earlier this year he was arrested after a standoff with a tractor driver and before that, he faced off with cops in Beverly Hills after getting into a shouting match with another dude.

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