It’s hard to keep a celebrity relationship on the low, especially with cameras everywhere. But these couples have done it or are still doing it. Some are making it, some have broken up and some probably shouldn’t have ever started…

See which stars have had secret lovers…

Nelly & Ashanti

Many people gave these two flack for taking the “Beyonce & Jay-Z” route and not talking about their relationship, yet they always booed up.  Well, it’s been eight years and they’re still having a “secret” relationship (so secretive, in fact, that neither of them can seem to get it together).  I have to admit that I do wonder what’s going on with these two from time to time. They’re so cute when they’re together but their public comments about their “status” don’t always sit well with me ( ike they really have to, lol).

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Ciara & Amar’e Stoudemire

So earlier this year, we suddenly started seeing Ciara in New York City all the time, particularly at Knicks games with Lala Anthony. The next thing you know we’re seeing her out with Amare all the time. Then POOF! It was over. What happened? Well, Cici opened her mouth to the media about it and the relationship was over before it really got started. It could also have been that thing about him still being engaged but that’s another story.

Aaliyah & R. Kelly

We all know the story: The Kellz was Aaliyah’s mentor, we all loved the music they made together and then the bombshell came out that they were…married? Aaliyah was about 15 at the time and Kellz was…much older. Once that info came out, they severed all ties with each other.

Sidenote: Aaliyah was also rumored to be involved with Jay-Z before she got with Damon Dash.  Aaliyah fans, don’t come after me! I’m just saying that pictures have floated here and there to support that rumor…

Angie Martinez & Q-tip

Allegedly, one of the reasons Angie and Wendy Williams famously came to blows over a decade ago was because Wendy spilled the beans on-air about Angie and Q-tip’s relationship. Angie and Q-tip are both pretty private so to hear about it on-air didn’t sit well with Ang. The relationship ended but these two are still very good friends.

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