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Usher’s custody battle is getting pretty ugly and alot of the drama is supposedly because of his new girlfriend Grace Miguel stepping out of line with Tameka Raymond and her two sons with Usher.

Check out details from the most recent fall out below:

” This event was extremely crazy. The fact that Grace felt like she could show up to the house with Usher to drop the kids off. I cant say exactly but I will say she showed up with Usher and tried to show off. That led to her and Tameka having words! The situation was already tense with it being his son’s birthday weekend and he took his son out the party screaming and crying.To add to the fire he also brought him back LATE with Grace “THE WATCHER” Miguel. Grace is involved in Usher’s life in every form. She forced him to get a new bodyguard, accountant and booking agent. His mother was so worried about Tameka but Grace was the one that fired her. Grace is down with team swing , and I heard that her and Usher get their T.I and Tiny on when it comes to the bedroom. Grace can use big words and woe Usher but she cant razzle dazzle Tameka. Grace is not new she worked at Def Jam for years and they are all 3 in the industry. I don’t want to reveal who I am but what I will say is that although they might have divorced 2009 that does not mean it was over in 2009. And I will leave it at that. In between popping pills and banging backs out Usher needs to WAKE UP. Its funny how he filed these court documents on January 2011 but made it public 2 weeks ago to make Tameka look crazy. I am not in their relationship so I’m not sure what it is ALL about but I do know it is deeper than a Saks card. Tameka can be many things but a bad mom she isn’t. Trying to rip a mother from her kids because you couldn’t be faithful and work it out is dirty “