Apparently celebrities have started taking advantage of media to say things they wouldn’t otherwise say face to face. We see a proof of that as we learned that the former NFL star Deion Sanders did not have the stones to tell his wife that he wanted a divorce. Her lawyer told that she learned about her divorce on TMZ.

According to TMZ, Pilar Sander, soon-to-be-estranged wife of Deion Sanders, was heartbroken and surprised when she read Deion’s announcement that he decided to end his marriage with her. Her lawyer Larry Friedman told TMZ that her top priority for the past 12.5 years has been her marriage and family. But now Pilar realized that it wasn’t the same for her husband.

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Friedman further told TMZ that Pilar hasn’t negotiated a divorce settlement with Deion yet, but she’s apparently into protecting their marriage and children. She says that she’s confident that Deion will come to his senses and return to his family as he has in the past.

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