Many people were shocked by the vicious rant Deiondra Sanders tweeted about stepmom Pilar Sanders yesterday, and now Deion Sander’s son Deion Jr. is putting his two cents in.

Seems like Deion and Pilar raised some strong-willed and outspoken kids.

After yesterday’s rant, Deion Jr. apologized for how his sister expressed her anger.  Then he added, “It is funny though.”

He revealed that although he’s proud of his sis, he and his Dad are taking the high route….so don’t expect any mudslinging from Deion Sr.  And he added that the family is keeping their soon-to-be stepmom in their prayers.

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He closed by retweeting a comment from a friend who said Pilar is looking at apartments in Oak Cliff. (Oak Cliff is the HOOD in Dallas…)

SMH…..something tells me we will be hearing more from the Sanders kids in the next few days.  They are their Dad’s mouthpieces.

Read Deion Jr’s tweets here:

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