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A little extra care is needed when opening a bottle of Champagne (never use a corkscrew) so the cork doesn’t fly off suddenly. Here’s how to do it safely and smoothly:

1. Tear off the foil wrapper around the cork.

2. Flip down and twist the metal wire loop on the safety stopper.

3. Remove the safety stopper.

4. Drape a towel over the cork and hold the towel firmly at the cork and bottleneck.

5. Hold the other hand under the base of the bottle.

6. Twist the bottle at its base while pulling lightly in both directions.

7. Hold the cork and bottleneck firm to reposition the hand at the base.

8. Repeat 6 and 7 until the cork moves its way out of the bottleneck.

The bottles pressure should be released gently and the cork should never leave the hand until it is completely out of the bottle. Wrap the towel around the neck and it is now ready to pour.

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